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GFP V2a Kit - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis


Manufacturer: Cellworks

Pack Size: 1 kit

Form: Kit

The GFP V2a Kit contains all of the cells and reagents necessary to successfully complete a 24 well angiogenesis assay. It is designed to allow the dynamic measurement of all phases of the angiogenic process. Test compounds, conditioned media or tissue explants can be added to the culture at any time from the onset of vasculogenesis continuing through to advanced angiogenesis.

  • 1 x 24 well tissue culture plate
  • 25ml V2a Seeding Medium
  • 125ml V2a Growth Medium
  • Cryopreserved GFP V2a Cells
  • V2a Seeding Medium Supplement
  • V2a Growth Medium Supplement
  • Control Compounds


Product Code: ZHA-4100

Price : £395 (€502) Excluding VAT

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