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Angiogenesis Assay Control Kit


Manufacturer: Cellworks

Pack Size: Sufficient reagents for 1 x 24 well plate

Form: Kit

The Angiogenesis Control Reagent Kit contains Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and Suramin and is designed to provide positive and negative control responses in angiogenesis assays. The kit has been validated for use in the Cellworks V2a Kit (ZHA-4000). Suramin inhibits angiogenesis and is believed to act by blocking VEGF binding to the KDR receptor. VEGF is known to maintain blood vessel development and has been shown to promote angiogenesis.

The Suramin and VEGF preparations included in the kit have been validated for use with the V2a Kit, and their effects have been shown to be dose dependent. Sufficient reagents have been included for 7 medium changes to 3 wells of a 24-well plate for each reagent.


Product Code: ZHA-1300

VEGF 20ul (concentration 2ug/ml)

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