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Angiogenesis Image Analysis Service

'Ideal for customers preferring the in-house specialists at Cellworks to analyse their images. Customer reports detail the number of tubules, the number of junctions, the total tubule length, and the mean tubule length for each image'

  • Ideal for customers not wishing to purchase the AngioSys 2.0 software - when analysis is required on only a small number of images
  • Suitable for analysis of large numbers of angiogenesis assay images - when manpower in the lab is short
  • Perfect for customers new to angiogenesis image analysis

Pricing is charged per image analysed. Please note that there is a one off set up charge payment required; product code: ZHA-6002.

Angiogenesis Image Analysis Service - first 24 images £20 per image.

   Product Code ZHA-6000

Angiogenesis Image Analysis Service - additional images £10 per image.

   Product Code ZHA-6001

Image Analysis Service Set Up £50 single payment per order.

   Product Code ZHA-6002

Report Example:

angiosys screenshot

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