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V2a Kit

V2a Kit™ - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis


The V2a Kit contains all of the cells and reagents necessary to successfully complete a 24 well angiogenesis assay and includes a cryogenically preserved ampoule of matched cells, 24 well tissue culture plate, medium, supplements, control compounds and all staining reagents.

The V2a Kit allows analysis of all aspects of the angiogenic pathway including; cell activation, cell proliferation, migration, elongation and anastomosis with complete flexibility of experimental timing. It is designed so that test compounds, conditioned media or tissue explants can be added to the culture at any time from the onset of vasculogenesis continuing through to advanced angiogenesis.

Control wells that receive no treatment other than medium changes form extensive networks of branching tubules over a period of one to two weeks. This allows both angiogenic inhibitors and angiogenic stimulators to be assessed. The necessary medium changes are included in the kit.

Positive and negative control compounds are included in the V2a Kit which consist of validated concentrated stock solutions of VEGF (2ug/ml, positive control) and Suramin (1mM, negative control) ready to add to medium.

Tubule Formation in response to VEGF
Tubule Formation in response to VEGF

Untreated Tubules
Untreated Tubules

Tubule Formation in response to Suramin
Tubule Formation in response to Suramin

Kit Contents:

  • Ampoule of cryopreserved V2a Cells
  • 24 well tissue culture plate
  • 25ml V2a Seeding Medium
  • 125ml V2a Growth Medium
  • V2a Seeding Medium Supplement
  • V2a Growth Medium Supplement
  • Angiogenesis Control compounds (VEGF and Suramin)
  • Mouse anti-human CD31 Primary Antibody
  • Goat anti-mouse IgG Alkaline Phosphatase Secondary Antibody
  • BCIP/NBT insoluble substrate (for permanent record of tubule staining)

For storage conditions and additional equipment required please read the protocol. Download the protocol here.

Molecules shown to be active in the Cellworks V2a Kit™:


VEGF neutralising antibody, VEGF antisense oligonucleotide, Collagen IV neutralising antibody, PECAM-1 neutralising antibody, VEGF-R antagonists, Thrombospondin derivatives, TNF alpha, TGF b1, aVb3 integrin antagonists, Suramin, Curcumin, Fumagillin, TNP-740 (fumagillin analogue), Colchicine, Cytochalasin B, Erucic acid, Ginsengosides, RGD peptide, Decorin, Endostatin, Thymine, Thalidomide and analogues, PAI-1 inhibitors MMP inhibitors, MGBG (methylglyoxalbis(guanylhydrozone), some conditioned media.


VEGF, PIDGF, BFGF, 2-deoxyribose-1-P, Most tumour cell conditioned media, Wound fluid, Ascitic fluid from leiomyosarcoma patient, Ascorbic acid (biphasic response)

Note: that this represents only the molecules whose identity we know. We have tested  many  proprietary compounds from various laboratories that were active in both senses but which were supplied as coded samples whose structure is not known to us


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